PRP for
Hair Loss

What Are PRP Hair Loss Treatments?

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections have been used to combat hair loss and promote hair growth for men and women suffering from thinning hair.

PRP hair loss treatments are used to treat men with male pattern hair loss, as well as women suffering from female pattern hair loss. This can be used for facial hair as well, from eyebrow to beard hair loss.  PRP is an effective treatment for those who suffer hair loss or thinning as a side effect of other medical conditions such as Anemia, Alopecia, Thyroid conditions, absorption disorders (Crohn’s, IBS) and stress or age-related hair loss.


$405 per treatment, $1115 for 3 treatments


60 Minutes

Useful for Treating:


What to Expect
At Your Appointment

Similar to the PRP facial treatments, blood is taken from your arm and spun in a centrifuge to separate the plasma from the red blood cells. The platelet rich plasma can be used to stimulate activity in inactive hair follicles.

The entire process will take 60-90 minutes, depending on the size of the area being treated. As direct injections are used to facilitate a better result, there is a chance that you may experience some discomfort during the process. Our Medical Aesthetics team will do what they can to minimize your discomfort or any mild pain.

What to Expect
After Your Appointment

There is little downtime to PRP for hair loss, however, the area should be untouched for 4 hours post-treatment.  No showering, sweating, touching the area, or physical activity should be done. Your Medical Aesthetician will provide you with any follow-up information or treatment plans.

After the appointment, you’ll begin to see the full results of the treatment approximately 4-6 months after the first treatment. To see the full results, more than 3 treatments are recommended spaced every 4-6 weeks apart.  

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