What is Microblading?

One of the biggest trends right now in eyebrows is microblading. Sometimes known as “eyebrow tattooing,” microblading is an effective way to have full, perfect eyebrows at all times. During the process, needles are used to make tiny pin-pricks in your brows, which will be filled with dye to add pigment. The outcome is a natural, beautiful look with no maintenance. Effects can last up to two years depending on your skincare routine.

If you once made the mistake of over-waxing or over-plucking your eyebrows and they never grew back, this is the solution. Microblading is also great for those who are experiencing thinning eyebrows from aging or medical treatments, or anyone who is simply tired of drawing on their eyebrows each day. Let your brows speak for themselves.

Our in-house microblading aesthetician uses the HDi Embroidery Brow technique. This technique uses a semi-permanent dye applied via micro needles to achieve the appearance of full brows. It produces fine, hair-like strokes that create a 3D illusion of healthy, natural thickness depending on the client’s desired look. The total cost includes an initial consultation, your microblading treatment, and a touch-up session four weeks later. The microblading process includes colour consultation, numbing, and brow mapping and application. Results can last up to two years.




2 – 2.5 Hours

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What to Expect
At Your Appointment

You will begin with a consultation where you will meet with your HDi technician. Together, you will go over your skin colouration needs, as well as the ideal shape for your face. Before your treatment, make sure you avoid tanning or using any active ingredients on your skin. This includes chemical peels or exfoliating serums. Additionally, avoid any skincare treatments that involve injections the week before and after your appointment.

During the microblading process, the brows are brushed upwards and out, and then any stray hairs are plucked and trimmed. Your aesthetician will then draw the desired shape onto your skin and begin making tiny incisions using a blade containing small needles. There are over 7 blades to choose from depending on the client’s bows and desired look. Your technician will carefully select one for you. Dye is placed over those incisions and will soak into the skin. This pigment is then wiped away and you are left with perfectly full, natural looking eyebrows. You may feel discomfort during the process, and your aesthetician may apply a topical numbing solution during treatment.

What to Expect
After Your Appointment

There is no downtime required with microblading, and you will be able to return to your routine immediately. Your brows will heal within 4 weeks, and some minor scabbing, peeling, or flaking may occur in the first 1-2 weeks. Skin may appear lighter during the healing process, but the brows will appear darker and bolder once the pigment sets in. You will be required to return for a touch-up appointment 4 weeks after your initial treatment as part of the HDi Embroidery Brow procedure, which is included in your cost.

Once your treatment is complete, you will have permanently beautiful eyebrows. Treatments are permanent and will not need to be re-done for 2-3 years. Avoid tanning or being in direct sunlight while your brows are still healing, and avoid submerging them under water as well in order to make sure they heal as quickly and effectively as possible. Your HDi technician will provide you with additional aftercare advice and recommendations to make sure you are well prepared for the healing process.

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