Canada Wide Shipping on Medical Grade Skin Care


Is there anything better than receiving medical grade skin care directly to your door with the shipping speed of Amazon Prime? We here at ClaraDerma don’t think so! Our Canada wide expedited shipping has got you covered with all your skin care needs! Know what you’re looking for? Click here to Shop Now! Not sure yet? We’re here to help guide you!


If you suffer from acne, rosacea, hyper-pigmentation or are just concerned about general ageing and skin health – you need more than drug-store skincare. Sephora isn’t equipped or medically trained to dig deeper into skin pathologies like our skin specialists at ClaraDerma! Over the counter skin-care doesn’t even come close to the strength, and science behind a medical grade product such as AlumierMD.


So what’s the big difference? 


Have you ever purchased a “retinol” cream from Shoppers Drug Mart or Costco claiming to reduce wrinkles? In the skin industry – we call that dosage of retinol “micro-dusting”. Big Brands such as Oil of Olay can claim their night cream is retinol based, so long as there is a 0.00000001% of retinol in there! What does that dosage get you as the consumer? Not much at all.


The dosage of active ingredients such as Retinol, Vitamin C, Salicylic Acid, Lactic Acid, etc. that are sold over the counter to the general public can be extremely low – sometimes to the point where they may as well not mention it at all. Medical grade professional products will have a prescription strength dosage of the active ingredients you need to make real changes in your skin. So why do drug-store brands advertise having those ingredients? Simple, they know that’s what you want. 


How do you get what you want then?


Through ClaraDerma that’s how! We KNOW skin – and we know the percentages, dosages and proper ingredients to treat your problematic skin with REAL results! Medical grade products such as AlumierMD are dispensed by professionals with medical training ONLY. That gives you, as the consumer – a perfectly tailored home skin care regime by a trained professional – for absolutely free! This gives you a customized routine, with clean science ingredients and doses – cosmetically formulated to give you luminous skin. Save yourself the time, money and frustration of trying ineffective drug-store options and connect with us instead!


To put this into perspective – would your hairdresser ever tell you to buy Pantene? Likely not – because they know the proper care and ingredients a professional brand will provide! Let us do the same for your skin! 


It’s as simple as this – send me an email at alicia@claraderma.com if you want a personalized prescription! Send us a DM on Instagram, or Facebook – or fill out the “send me a personalized prescription” button on our website!  This will connect you to ClaraDerma’s professionals to help you combat acne, rosacea, sun spots or wrinkles with tangible results! Our medical-grade products work because they are formulated for these concerns specifically. 


Let us amp up your home skincare game to the next level! We offer Super quick Canada Wide shipping for free over $75! Get the good quality products you need, right to your door – all customized to you by a professional! Order your AlumierMD products today.

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