HDi Henna Brows

What Are HDi Henna Brows?

Brow henna is a natural plant pigment which has been used for body art since Ancient Egyptian times. Henna is a completely natural product which is rising in popularity as more people look for a natural alternative.

Professional brow shaping, tinting and waterproof HDi Brow Henna helps you achieve your ideal brow shape to compliment your unique facial structure. It will leave a more natural, fuller brow, eliminating the need for your daily brow products.

Our services include a brow consultation, brow shaping and application of HDi Brow powder.




45 Minutes

Useful for Treating:


What to Expect
At Your Appointment

As you anticipate your HDi Henna Brow treatment, discontinue use of active ingredients around the brow area 1 week prior to appointment. Take caution to avoid sun exposure or discontinue self-tanning products.

Please exfoliate the brow area 1 day before appointment.

What to Expect
After Your Appointment

Following your HDi Henna Brow treatment, discontinue use of active ingredients around the brow area. Continue to avoid sun exposure and do not wash brow area for 12 hours. Moisturize brow area with moisturizer or coconut oil.

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