RefectoCil Eyelash
Perm and Tint

What Are Eyelash Treatments?

RefectoCil Eyelash Curl gives you a look that’s breathtaking, but natural. An eyelash perm (sometimes referred to as a lash lift) is an ideal treatment for everyone. It can work on those with short and long eyelashes, any eye shape, or anyone with eyelashes that grow downwards or straight out thanks to a varying array of roller sizes. A lash lift is accompanied with a lash tint that is applied, which will make lashes look more prominent and bold without the need for mascara. This works to emphasize your eyes and make them look bigger, more open, and styled 24/7.

Where do you look first when meeting a person? Definitely the eyes. Eyes are the central feature of our face and the most important tool for expressing our emotions. With individually emphasized lashes and brows,

we can offer the perfect frame for the eyes and create the ideal look for every single client. This ideal look can help give you more self assurance 24 hours a day, in any situation. From the moment you wake up until you go to sleep, whether you’re relaxing or swimming and working out in between, your effortless look won’t fade or come off.

RefectoCil Eyelash Perm with collagen and cysteine gives your lashes a wonderful curl while also nourishing them. Collagen is one of the commonly occurring structural proteins in the human body. Collagen together with amino acid cysteine (proved to contribute to hair development) nourish and protect the eyelashes during treatment, allowing them to appear groomed and fuller.




45 Minutes

Useful for Treating:


What to Expect
At Your Appointment

When you come to your appointment, come make up free. If you wear contacts, we suggest bringing glasses to the appointment, as you’ll need to remove your contacts for the duration of the eyelash lift. The application is incredibly easy and takes about 45 minutes.

The first step of the treatment is to adhere the roller to the upper lash. The roller size is determined based on your eyelash length, and the desired curl. Then the eyelashes are adhered evenly to the roller, ensuring that they are put on straight and not overlapping. Once they adhere fully, the perm lotion is applied to the centre of the lash. The lotion is left on for approximately 15 minutes (although the time can change depending on the thickness of the lashes).

Once the duration of time necessary for the lotion to work is up, it will be removed and followed by a neutralizer. When the neutralizer is removed, the roller is also removed and the lashes are cleaned. Next, the lash tint is applied for 2 minutes to darken the lashes and enhance the look. After the tint is removed we apply a nourishing gel to the lashes to condition them.

What to Expect
After Your Appointment

As the lash lifting process works with your natural lashes, there is almost no upkeep or maintenance. For the first 24 hours after the treatment, keep your eyelashes dry and make up free. After the first 24 hours is complete, treat your lashes as you normally would. The treatment lasts up to six weeks.

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