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Treating Hormonal Acne

Acne is something that people of any age can struggle with and we know that it’s can feel difficult to find the right solution that works for your skin type and that targets your specific type of acne. When we met Mandy, we knew this was a match made in heaven.  Alicia helped Mandy identify

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Your Three Month Bridal Skin Care Plan

Planning your wedding is such a busy time in your life and it can get stressful. Are you left looking for a bridal skin care plan that works? In these last few months before the big day, take the time to treat yourself and make sure that you have the skin you want and deserve

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Things to Consider When Choosing an Aesthetic Clinic

When it comes to your skin, skin care treatments, and especially facial treatments, you want to make sure you are doing your best when choosing an aesthetic clinic that will work with you to develop a skin care plan. Unfortunately, aesthetics is not a regulated field, but it is very popular. This combination can often

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Spring Skin Care Tips For Post-Winter Rejuvenation

Finally, after what seems like forever, spring has finally arrived (we hope)! The crazy bit of weather we have had here in Niagara has really done a number on our skin. But fear not- our skin care specialists have put together a few spring skin care tips and tricks to help you transition into the

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Most Effective Acne Treatments

Dealing with acne and problem skin isn’t just irritating, it can actually significantly impact your self-confidence, mental health, and overall quality of life. Many people switch facial cleansers or acne treatment products and spend a significant amount of time updating their skincare routines in attempts of ridding problem acne, with very little success. If you

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Our Top 5 Winter Skincare Tips

As the weather gets colder and we near the winter months, you’re probably already experiencing the negative effects that the cold weather can have on your skin, even with your extensive skincare routine. Winter skin may make you think of rosy noses and cheeks, but for a lot of people, winter skin means a more

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